Debt Settlement Is Not What It Seems

Debt settlement goes by many names: debt consolidation, debt management, credit consolidation, debt negotiation and others. Companies or individuals may offer you help settling or consolidating your debts for a relatively small fee, but their promises are empty, and their follow-through on reducing and eliminating your debts is usually nonexistent.

Real consolidation and elimination of overwhelming debt loads is rarely possible without a bankruptcy filing. Anyone who claims to be able to settle debts without bankruptcy or real legal action from an experienced attorney is only looking to benefit from your business.

At Sigmon & Henderson, PLLC, we work in your best interests alone. We can customize a debt relief package for your unique situation and work for you throughout the process to ensure that your rights, property and other assets are protected from creditors and debt collectors.

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North Carolina Debt Consolidation Lawyers - Bankruptcy Is The Solution

You always have access to your attorney at our firm, and we are responsive to your needs. We prepare our clients for a fresh financial start and provide them with the resources and tools necessary for life after bankruptcy.

We can help you understand and avoid the risks of debt settlement. With our legal help, you do not just pay someone to say he or she is working on negotiating and working to relieve you from your debts. We take immediate action.

We stop creditor harassment and protect your assets in bankruptcy. We take over all communications with your creditors and follow through with personalized service covering all your debts and financial hardships.