Medical Debt And Bankruptcy

As you have likely heard about or experienced firsthand, health care is not cheap. Many families in North Carolina work hard to make ends meet only to have one unfortunately timed medical emergency wipe out their savings and leave them with an unmanageable pile of debt.

This is a sad reality that we have seen far too often at Sigmon & Henderson, PLLC. However, our lawyers can help individuals and families get a fresh start, free from the harassment, wage garnishment and other effects of medical debt.

Medical Debts And Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In most situations involving debt from medical bills, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best course of action. As unsecured debts, medical bills can be discharged at the conclusion of the bankruptcy process, allowing people a fresh start while protecting assets such as homes and cars.

For those who cannot qualify for Chapter 7 — due to the means test or because they are homeowners facing foreclosure in addition to unpaid medical bills — Chapter 13 is a viable option. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debts can be restructured into a manageable three- to five-year repayment plan. At the conclusion of the plan, remaining medical bills will be discharged.

Is Bankruptcy The Right Choice For You?

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