Will Everyone Know About My Bankruptcy?

"My goodness, what will the neighbors think?"

At Sigmon & Henderson, PLLC, we get it: You know that bankruptcy may be the best option for restructuring or eliminating your debt, but you are worried that you will be branded with a big scarlet "B" for the rest of your life.

No one wants to be the family that the town whispers about or the relative people pity at the next family reunion. The good news is that the odds of those things happening after filing bankruptcy are next to zero.

Yes, bankruptcy filings are a public record, just like property sales, permitting, arrest records and City Council minutes. These are not prominently published; the only people or entities that will be notified of your bankruptcy proceedings are you, your attorney, the judge, your co-debtors and your creditors. If you own property jointly with anyone, we will advise you regarding what effect your case may have and how to notify your co-owner. If you have transferred money or property interests to anyone within a certain time before filing bankruptcy, you will want to discuss those transactions with our attorney before filing to see if those people or entities will need to know about your case.

For anyone else to find out about your bankruptcy filing, he or she would have to be searching public records at the county or federal courthouse. If someone is searching through public records to find out whether you've filed bankruptcy, the fact that you may have a stalker should rank higher on your list of worries than whether someone knows about your bankruptcy.

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