Will I Lose My Car Or Home?

Exemptions safeguard most of your assets in a bankruptcy filing. In North Carolina, you are only able to use North Carolina state exemptions to protect your assets. Most federal exemptions are not available in most cases. Consult with an informative and detail-oriented bankruptcy attorney before proceeding with a filing.

At Sigmon & Henderson, PLLC, we help clients throughout Gaston County and surrounding areas file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions, taking every opportunity to claim any and all available exemptions to protect their property and assets. The automatic stay of bankruptcy will ensure that your car and home are protected immediately after your bankruptcy petition is filed and throughout the process.

Bankruptcy is the most effective and efficient method to protect and save your car and home.

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North Carolina Repossession Protection Lawyers

Your car and home are important pieces of your livelihood. Transportation is necessary to keep a job, transport children and run daily errands. A suitable home is necessary to maintain the peace and prosperity of the family. Our law firm will work to provide you the most protection possible.

Filing for bankruptcy is a completely necessary step for regaining control of your financial stability, securing effective debt relief and achieving a true fresh financial start.

Careful classification of all your property and assets will allow us to prepare a strategic and customized plan for your specific situation.

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