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Why Is The Face Of Bankruptcy Getting Grayer?

It's quite possible that no generation of Americans has received as much attention as the "Baby Boomers". Each decade continues to bring new milestones for the boomers, along with stories about how the generation's large size is affecting everything from the real estate market to the sustainability of our nation's social insurance programs. 

The most recent headline for this generation isn't a positive one at all: bankruptcy is rising among older Americans

Can my credit recover after bankruptcy?

The word bankruptcy tends to bring an unnecessarily negative connotation. In reality, filing for bankruptcy can be a positive solution to a difficult financial situation for almost anyone to consider. For those thinking about bankruptcy and worrying they’ll forever sacrifice their credit score, there’s some good news you should know.

Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will by no means spell the end of your healthy credit report. In fact, there are a number of positive financial options for those in North Carolina looking to rebuild credit after a bankruptcy filing.

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