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November 2018 Archives

Creditor attempts to foreclose on reality TV star's home

For people in Gastonia who are struggling with debt, a personal bankruptcy might be the best option for them to regain a firm and stable financial status. Yet which form of personal bankruptcy is best? That may only be determined on a case-by-case basis. If one has fallen behind on their mortgage payments, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be their best option. Once foreclosure proceedings have been initiated, a Chapter only stays a foreclosure while the case is still active (which is usually only a few months). The lender can then proceed with the foreclosure once the case is over. In a Chapter 13 case, however, mortgage arrears can be included in a payment plan, meaning they will eventually be settled if the debtor continues to make their regular mortgage payments while their case is still open. 

Can you stop a foreclosure from happening?

Your pressing financial problems have left you scrambling to figure out a solution to keep your home in North Carolina from going into foreclosure. With deadlines closing in, you are wondering if there are any other options for preventing this situation from happening. Fortunately, there may be alternative options to prevent a foreclosure or at the least, slow the process to allow you time to figure out your next step. 

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